Department of Hospitality Management

Our mission

The Hospitality Management program is to prepare professionally competent individuals who will make a contribution to the industry and to the society as a whole.

Degree offered

Bachelor of Science, Hospitality Management

Expected learning outcomes from program:

  • Understand and analyze the functioning of hospitality operations.
  • Prepare and implement operational sales and marketing techniques in various hospitality management settings.
  • Plan, implement, and appraise a full-function foodservice event.
  • Understand and analyze the mechanism for maintenance and operation of physical plants in hospitality properties.
  • Demonstrate best practices in the operations of hospitality management to meet customer expectations.
  • Gain practical industry experience prior to graduation through an internship and other work experience.

Our Faculty:

An outstanding faculty of industry professionals who have spent years of “doing what they teach”.


With the aim of helping students to become all-round professionals, with an appropriate level of operational experience and an understanding of industry operations, all those taking undergraduate programs should complete a mandatory one-year internship as part of the curriculum.